Introducing SuperChoice Protect™, an industry defense against financial crimes in the pension industry

First line of defence

SuperChoice monitors transactions and alerts you of suspicious activity before the transaction reaches the fund’s internal system. Transactions are monitored in real-time, while alerts on suspected fraudulent attempts are timely and ready to be reviewed or actioned. This early detection reduces the risk of direct financial loss and the cost of detection and remediation.

Intuitive interface and reporting

Protect user access with an intuitive interface and role permissions, allowing real-time transaction alert information retrieval. A central dashboard displays alerts, transaction details and reports. Efficient search capabilities and alert grouping allow for better incident management with workflows enabling prompt decision-making and response.

Interoperable with Existing Systems

Protect has been developed with the central understanding that fighting fraud requires a multi-layered approach. Protect’s transaction monitoring can be supplemented with Protect’s PEP and Sanction screening and case management capability or integrated into a client’s existing fraud detection systems.

Industry-tailored Data Intelligence

Protect sets a new benchmark in data intelligence. Protect takes the raw fraud intelligence lists from Financial Crimes and government agencies, enriching them with industry insights from SuperChoice’s network and intellectual property to drive greater accuracy and lower false positives.

The Network Effect

Protect leverages the large ecosystem of Pensions and Digital Service Providers (DSPs) supported by SuperChoice to create a network effect of threat intelligence and a formidable shield against fraud. The Protect Network is a collaboration of industry participants grounded in the philosophy that the most effective way of combatting an industry problem is through an industry-based solution using collective insights and actions.

Backed by SuperChoice™

Leveraging our wealth of experience, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional Workplace Pensions technology and drive industry transformation. With our 10+ years in service in the UK and a team of specialists with unparalleled knowledge, SuperChoice is the go-to destination for leading pension providers and BPOs to get the most reliable and high-quality solutions.

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