Provide an exceptional pension user experience
for both employers and employees.

Simplify the entire member lifecycle

Our SaaS solution is specifically designed to simplify the management of various Workplace Pensions schemes, with a focus on providing streamlined Auto-Enrolment and contribution management.

Enhance employer engagement with Workplace pension schemes, including legislative-compliant Auto-Enrolment workflows through a range of tailored features to meet the unique needs of Pension providers by providing an exceptional user experience for both employers and employees.

Compatible with your technology eco-system

SuperChoice works with many leading fintech across the pensions market including pre-built integration to several technologies, such as FNZ, SS&C, IRESS, Bravura, and GBST as well as internal/proprietary solutions.

A single workplace solution providing market leading UX for employers and employees

Automated processing directly into member administration systems.

Extensive data validation, conversion, and pre-processing.

Flexible branding and website integration options.

Elimination of the need for employers to split files.

Employee self-management of opt-in/out status.

Generation and delivery of employee welcome packs and login registration details.

Contributions processing with online validations & integration to pension and NEST (via API).

Efficient employer processes that support compliance with Pot for Life / Lifetime Provider and Member Choice

Minimised reconciliation errors between data and expected monies.

A win for Employers and Employees

Our 25+ years pension scheme experience, dedication to excellence and superior service extends beyond our offerings, ensuring that all key stakeholders reap the benefits of our platform.

Benefits for Employers

  • Legislative-compliant AE assessment and streamlined workflow 
  • Integrated contribution progressing workflow with auto-enrolment assessment in a single file upload 
  • Heavily invested, modern UX experience
  • Simple file upload from payroll or manually enter data
  • Support for employers through Pot for Life and Member Choice
  • Stay current on ever-changing laws and regulations with confidence

Benefits for Employees

  • Mobile-friendly experience for employees to self-manage their auto-enrolment status
  • Informative pension welcome packs

Backed by SuperChoice™

SuperChoice is a trusted Pension specialist Fintech providing Employer-centric solutions, engagement, and contribution management covering both the Australian and UK markets. Leveraging our wealth of experience, we are well-equipped to deliver exceptional Workplace Pensions technology and drive industry transformation.

With our 10+ years in service in the UK and a team of specialists with unparalleled knowledge, SuperChoice is the go-to destination for leading pension providers and BPOs to get the most reliable and high-quality solutions.

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